Sunday, September 5, 2010

i'm back

in the name of Allah i begin this :)
ok firstly i hadnt update my blog for almost 4 months.haha
*mmg pemalas!
act i hav another active blog before, but it has been deleted, deactivated, destroyed etc.
why? why i deleted it?
it was not me who deleted it, it was someone else.

"aku terpaku, mulut membisu
mata kelabu, lidah kelu, hati bercelaru"

these wut i felt at that time, really infuriated.

but now. i just only have a blog
*senang sket nk apdet! haha [hope so]

so now, to me.
"welcome back!"
i hope i can hav lots of ideas after this, to dilate upon my words, my ideas, my writings.

also, thanks lots to you, zueaen :)

bila lidah berbicara, pasti ada yang tak kena.
sungguh, lidah manusia susah dijaga pasti ada yang terasa.
melankoli yang bakal melanda jangan kau kunjung tiba.


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