Wednesday, September 15, 2010


lovin' in my baby eyes by spare bibo on Deviantart

even when,
even the sky cracks
even the earth seism
even the meteors rain
even the stars fall
even the sun stop shines
even the sky is no more filled with twinkles...

i am still,
still here standing behind you, to give my supports.
still here walking behind you, to pick up the pieces.
still here sitting after you, to make you laugh.
still here clasping you, to give you protections.
still here running before you, to clear the path.

and I'm sorry
if i slit your red-blooded-ticker
if i ring the blue.
if i am a hellion in your day, rascal in your night.
if i am not good for you.

until my very last breath, i will keep all of these.

"i hope i can shine you with my aurora even i cant shine myself with my own."

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