Tuesday, September 7, 2010

thanks all

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in the name of Allah, i begin this

Alhamdulillah, all praises are for Allah.
i had so much fun last nite and today.
last nite i was celebrating zueaen's birhday.
on the meadow, under a dark sky filled with some stars.
accompanied by a cool&'sebek' friend. haha
everything went smooth.thanks all, thanks dear. :]

dark sky,
mirthful night.
come star
show us the light.

* * *

and just now i felt like i wanted to skype-ing with family.
just missing them.
international networking [internet] connection in my house was suck, stuck and terrible.
but i need to say 'Selamat Hari Raya' at least before the D-day.
so i borrowed Etisalat Broadband from zueaen.
then i just online. waiting for my sister.
abruptly my brother online too!  Alhamdulillah(;
so we the 'three musketeers' had so much topics to talk, having conversation n colloquies.
my family in Malaysia [currently me n my brother are studying in Cairo, Egypt.both] just shocked after seeing n knowing that my brother n i was close together, like a strong bond.(: HAHAHA
before coming to egypt, i hadn't hav so much chats with my brother.
at home, he's just pretty demure guy. LOL
but since i'm here, we are always contact each other. quite always.
i asked him to rendezvous at my home. celebrating n helping me n my friends in making stuffs for Hari Raya. HAHA
*the rest is history memories*
we just ended my conversation with my brother n my sister after hearing azan asar.
but seriously. i just had fun n joys! really thanks to my Zu Ain Najwa for letting me use the broadband! poor you!;P haha. Happy Birthday, twin. :))

family's love
is not for rent.
always close
until the end.

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