Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Putrajaya :')

in the name of Allah, I begin.

"brother, you are leaving us tomorrow, right?" Putra Afzafri asked. oh hell yeah, i have to leave you forcefully tomorrow and i will miss all my new friends here. instead of 3 Heroes (Afzafran, Afzafri & Adeeb), i made few of new friends here. they're supercool. let me count how many new friends i'd made.
-Isa (10 yrs)
-Nabil (10 yrs)
-Danial (10 yrs)
-Irfan (10 yrs)
-Man (12 yrs myb)
-Adib (8 yrs)
-Danish (8 yrs)
-Adina (4 yrs)
-Hawa (6 yrs)
-Naufal (8 yrs)
-Naqiuddin (4 yrs)

haha! LOL!  a 19 old boy made friends aged 4-12yrs. haha! :D it's not freak okay! :D

Afzafri & Danish

Afzafri & Afzafran

Adib, Adina, Hawa & Afzafri


Isa & Irfan

 i will miss you all kids! :)
and now i'm going back to continue my study in Cairo.
see you soon! :D

i love hits!^^V

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