Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Putrajaya :')

in the name of Allah, I begin.

"brother, you are leaving us tomorrow, right?" Putra Afzafri asked. oh hell yeah, i have to leave you forcefully tomorrow and i will miss all my new friends here. instead of 3 Heroes (Afzafran, Afzafri & Adeeb), i made few of new friends here. they're supercool. let me count how many new friends i'd made.
-Isa (10 yrs)
-Nabil (10 yrs)
-Danial (10 yrs)
-Irfan (10 yrs)
-Man (12 yrs myb)
-Adib (8 yrs)
-Danish (8 yrs)
-Adina (4 yrs)
-Hawa (6 yrs)
-Naufal (8 yrs)
-Naqiuddin (4 yrs)

haha! LOL!  a 19 old boy made friends aged 4-12yrs. haha! :D it's not freak okay! :D

Afzafri & Danish

Afzafri & Afzafran

Adib, Adina, Hawa & Afzafri


Isa & Irfan

 i will miss you all kids! :)
and now i'm going back to continue my study in Cairo.
see you soon! :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

reborn of a 'hero' (:

dengan nama Allah aku mulai (:

mase dah suntuk. untuk ape eh? final exam lah! ades, study pn entah kemane sekarang. mood dan semangat nak study tu ada.cuma...




cumaa...MALAS! hahaha. malas ke?ah ha! memang pon! agagaga xD oh iye, kelmarin lepas habis anatomy lecture, aku dapat laa shot beberape keping gmbr bunge2.kat kawasan gam'ah (universiti) jugak. wandering n finally spotted a place to start my action. HOHO. sorry sebab sharp n lawa sgt, angin kuat kelmarin.hahahaha (alasan):P here some pictures i got. ah so sori ye sume, sayeeee taktau ape name bunge2 neh.haha named it by urself!;D
oh, purple and white.smart!
bunge ni ade satu ni jea kat situ.limited kot.HAHA
tadi ade lebah. then terbang ntah kemane pulakk :P LOL

yeah guys, also im about to be a new me, physically and mentally. since the 1st April is approaching me. LOL :P i hope i can do it this time. like old days, i just said it but no serious action taken. but this time i'll make it more better then before. inshaAllah. this is me, march 22, 2011. :)

Aqwa Diniy (: myself.
“Change is a funny thing. We never are quite sure what we are becoming or even why. Then one day we look at ourselves and wonder who we are and how we got that way. Only one thing about change remains constant...it is always painful.”- Jodi Picoult

this is beginning, of a story. change and honour. :)

i love hits!^^V

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