Monday, May 24, 2010

The Arrivals

"The Arrivals"
These are videos from Noreagaa. Be a wise person and be a good observer.T
hese multimedia projects are aiming at increasing positive change, social awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

Out of luck, Noreagaa has oficially retired for good.
He states the following regarding this decision; “I have accomplished everything i set out to do, and much more. Today the wakeupproject (WUP) has the talent, the members, and the support to walk, run, and fly on its own. The WUP has helped establish a common ground amongst a global internet audience, that will continue to create projects based on unity and understanding. That will forever be one of my most cherished accomplishments. With such accomplishments I leave happy and proud.”
Open your vision and mind, lets together enjoy this video. "enjoy the little things" :] May Allah always guide us to the right path, amiin ya rabb.

-source : wake up project dot com

Check this out all 53 parts of videos : or

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