Thursday, December 23, 2010

quezera :]

dengan nama Allah, aku mulai.:)


"quezera" [kyoo-zay-ra]
a name of a photography team. neither a brand name nor Hollywood actress's name.HAHAHA xD
this is the official logo of Quezera Photography, but maybe i'll put some touch up sooner or later.
established on 22.12.2010, officially established but not officially TOO active, because of hectic life nowadays as we are going to face Mid-sem examination as students, lebih tepat lagi as medical students, starting from 15th of January. LOL ;p
we will build a new website for it, official website, also sooner or later.inshaAllah.
please follow us up on facebook, leave your critics and comments, as we just begin to walk in this new hobby. [oh really?] hahaha
with no experience in photography-ing, we just press-in the button and snap, snap! hoho
please support us. <-taley blah! ;p and YES!, pls support us.
besides, we just freelancer photographies.
HAHAHA i really2 do not have any idea  on how to dilate upon this post.
menyampahnye!HAHA xD
any of our artworks are copyrighted, oke?!;p
thanks. hehe

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