Saturday, December 25, 2010

heartless, pls no.

in the name of Allah, i begin :)

p/s: this is the new look of my blog, very simple.HAHA

purple and black ;D

"what's going on with me lately? am i going to be crazy?"
this is the question, continuously keep on playing in my mind.
i dont really feel anything in myself, my soul is
i can change my mood in a click of time! arhh why ea?
hopely inshaAllah there is nothing happen, just maybe because of myself, didnt have enough sleep and some problems hit me at a same time.

Now i want to be more positive and mature in thinking, thats my aim for now! HAHAHA ;P
just soon, i'll facing Midsem examination of medical test starting on January 15, 2010. i hope i'm really2 ready to it,  by burning the midnight oil. to all my collagues, goodluck to all of you and i hope you all will be for the war.
*duhhh, again heartless*
ok guys, now its azan asar. let me do my responsibility as a muslim.
take care. :) chiao~

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