Saturday, November 6, 2010

memories are memories.

in the name of Allah, i begin.

by zombieecho on Deviantart

our old memories,
they cannot be repeated,
as our age is continuously increasing,
from age to age,
become older,
soon very close to death,
to meet The Creator.

take a deep breath,
open your mind,
broaden your thinking,
are we ready?
to start The Sprint,
to gain Allah's love.

far away from the old memories,
there were too much events,
with foes at alma mater,
we were laughing and sharing,
were fighting and falling.

where, who and how are you now?
still the same or did you change somehow?
i'm missing you all that is what i know.

if and if only if,
the memories can be repeated,
i just wanna make it long, make it slow,
make it strong make it cool.

*i'm now missing my old friends. memories with them i always remember insyaAllah. may Allah always guards and shows them and I the TRUE light, to pass safely through the fake stage called, life.

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