Friday, October 8, 2010

grazie mille, mama!(:

 in nome di Allah, io comincio

Io amo la mia nuova famiglia
 i do not now how to thank you, mama.
the kindness and sincerity of you only Allah can reward it.
until now still, i do not now the way or how i can thank you.
you shocked my small heart, luckily i didnt faint. ehee~

enjoy!:] i love this song.


  1. haha,, dpt restu dr mama ko?
    tahniah2... suko ar tu...
    duk memolek sano uh..

  2. aiyoo.
    restu gapo ni?
    hahaha berat uda..
    insyaAllah n alhamdulillah...
    berpanjangan ubudiyyah zahir n batin..


i love hits!^^V

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